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It’s a problem when you can’t use and enjoy your vehicle the way you should. A windshield crack is annoying, distracting and dangerous, and comes with all kinds of questions that many of us have never thought of before.

  • Is it safe to drive?
  • What is the best way to deal with it?
  • How long does a windshield repair take?
  • How much does a auto glass replacement cost?

These are important questions. At Surge Auto Glass, we can help you answer them.

Front and rear windshield, sunroof, or car window repair and replacement – whatever your car glass repair need, we do it right, we do it fast, and at a price that beats the competition.

Surge Auto Glass has been providing automotive window and windshield repair service to Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, and the whole Niagara Peninsula for over ten years.

Every repair that comes through our shop is overseen by Serge himself, and you’ll receive a personalized service experience from start to finish.

If your car isn’t drivable, we can also do mobile auto glass repairs at your home.

We’d love to hear from you about how we can help with your window repair problem so that you can get back to enjoying your drive.

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    Check out more pictures and updates from our auto glass repair adventures!

    Auto Glass Replacement

    Auto glass is designed to be looked through, and that means it’s something we usually don’t think about until it literally shows up in front of our faces in the form of a chip or a crack. At Surge, it’s our business to look AT what everyone else is supposed to look THROUGH. Your car glass repair means a lot to us; we want to help you get back to not thinking about your windshield, so you can focus on what matters to you.

    We want to be the first place you call for all your auto glass service questions. We are a locally owned, independent, family-operated auto glass repair centre serving St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and southern Ontario. Our goal is to provide you with a professional, bespoke auto glass service that you can take pride in. And we do this at about half the cost of the competition.

    It’s not that we’re opposed to competition. You’ve probably heard of bigger names like Speedy Glass in St. Catharines, or Apple Auto Glass. We’ve worked with some of them, and some of their staff do a good window repair. But we believe that we have something to offer that a bigger outfit can’t. Our smaller team is focused on auto glass service, not upholstery, oil changes or residential replacement windows. I’m Serge. The company name is my name, and I personally oversee every repair that comes in. Because my name is on the line, I need to stand behind it. That means the best thing I can do for myself, my team, and my family is to give you a personalized service experience that you’re happy with, backed by guaranteed work. And because auto glass repair and replacement is the heart and soul of our work, we can focus on doing a great job for you at an unbeatable price.

    And speaking of the price, we’d love to give you a quote for your auto glass repair. No charge, no obligation. All of our work is guaranteed, and we’re happy to work with your auto insurance company to give you peace of mind from start to finish. Call us today and get back to not thinking about your windshield.

    Your windshield isn’t just something you see through. It’s actually a structural component of your vehicle, helping to support the roof and pillars. When it’s been damaged, your car’s structural integrity is compromised. It will reflect sunlight in unpredictable ways that can distract you from your drive, and in the event of a collision, you’ll be at higher risk of injury. Damage to your auto glass can happen for several reasons. Some are obvious, like a stray baseball, or getting stuck behind a gravel truck. Some are more difficult to spot, like faulty factory installation or prolonged exposure to sunlight, which causes your glass to expand faster at the outer edges than it does at the centre. Whatever your auto glass service needs, we’ve been repairing and replacing vehicle glass in St. Catharines for over ten years, and we know the local conditions. At Surge, we know that your car isn’t just a car, and when you bring your vehicle to us for glass repair, it isn’t just a job. You rely on it to take you on your daily commute so that you can look after your family. We can look after that windshield repair to help make your workday drive safe and free of distractions. You depend on your family vehicle to visit long distance relatives. We can help keep the question of car window repair far from your mind, so that you can play the license plate game.

    Give us a call today.

    We can help you stop worrying about your vehicle glass so that you can focus on enjoying your drive.
    Call Us: 905-699-1552
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