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Surge Auto Glass has been providing auto glass repair service to St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and the Niagara region for the past ten years.

I’m Serge, and when I started Surge Auto Glass, I gave it my own name. It makes it easy for me to remember, and it’s a daily reminder that my name and reputation are out there on thousands of windshield repair and replacement jobs.

Car glass repair isn’t just my job, it’s my family’s livelihood; it’s a way for me to model for my kids what it looks like to do a job right. That’s why I take an interest in every repair that comes into the shop.

St. Catharines is my home, and that means my customers are my neighbors. They are parents and spouses on their workday commute, truck drivers on long-haul trips, and families travelling to visit relatives.

Whatever your reason for driving, you want to give it your full attention. I want to help you stop worrying about a damaged windshield so that you can focus on what’s most important to you and your drive.

It’s my aim to provide professional work and a great customer service experience for you, because I don’t just care about auto glass service, I care about protecting and strengthening families and community.

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    "I know, it’s just a car window repair. There are lots of other ways to save the world. But by doing it well, the work I do in auto glass repair can be a blessing to a lot of people in St. Catharines. Dependable, trustworthy local services strengthen and bless the community, and that contributes to a stronger, more gracious world. 

    It’s my goal to build trust and good relationships by providing you with a windshield repair you can be confident in. Give me a call, I’d love to meet you and help answer your auto glass service questions."
    Serge Alisha
    Owner and Operator
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