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February 8, 2021

For most chips and cracks you should be safe to drive…to an auto glass repair centre. It’s unsafe to drive around with a cracked windshield for any length of time. Your windshield is an important part of your vehicle’s structural integrity. Don’t push it with your cracked windshield. Small cracks tend to grow, and that growth will be accelerated by temperature changes, dirt, and bumpy roads. A crack of any size creates a weak point in the glass. Even if the crack or chip is small, it’s important to have it checked out. You’ll need a qualified auto glass technician to help you determine if the glass can be repaired or if it should be replaced.

Windshield glass is laminated, consisting of two layers of glass with a thin plastic film between the layers. This same construction is used in other applications, and is also called “safety” glass. The plastic film is meant to prevent your glass from shattering into more dangerous shards. It usually breaks into smaller pieces and sticks together.

Windshields are strong – it takes a lot to shatter them, and automakers are rightly concerned about their safety ratings. If the glass does shatter, it is still unlikely that your windshield will collapse into your vehicle or onto your hood. Windshields are affixed with strong urethane adhesives to guard against leaks and noise, as well as to minimize any movement of the glass. Also, because the glass is laminated, the entire windshield generally won’t separate from the frame.

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle is safe to drive to a repair centre, contact an auto glass professional. Many repair centres offer either a tow or mobile repair service.

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