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November 10, 2021

Choosing the best auto glass repair service can be a daunting task. There are many variables to consider, and not all companies offer the same workmanship or customer service.

If you want to find an honest, reliable company that will do excellent work at a fair price, read on for helpful advice.

Do your research

Before trusting your car to one company, take the time to research prices and companies. This is not only important for the sake of your wallet but also your safety. 

The wrong windshield replacement can lead to leaks that can cause additional damage or even drown you in your vehicle should water fill it.

Determine what you want done

Some companies offer a variety of repairs and replacements, from repairing chips to full windshields. Take the time to determine what you need before having the company come out for an assessment. 

This will eliminate any unnecessary costs and let you know if your insurance coverage will cover it. Perhaps they will only offer to replace your windshield with one that has the same level of chip resistance, which would be a waste of money.

Talk with friends and family for recommendations

If you still aren't sure where to begin, ask around. Ask your immediate circle for personal experience or opinions on different auto glass repair services in the

Ensure quality workmanship

The auto glass industry is not regulated to the degree of other trades, so it is essential to do your due diligence to ensure that whoever does the work has the experience and skills necessary.

Ensure their craftsmanship by requesting a free estimate or even asking for photos or videos of previous jobs before allowing them on your car.

Get at least two to three opinions

Once you have narrowed your list to two or three options, get at least two opinions so you can compare the price and quality of each company. 

When comparing prices, don't forget to consider the cost of labor since that is often not included in advertisements for cheap auto glass replacement

You can use this information to develop a reasonable price range that you should expect to pay for the work.

Get your paperwork in order before they arrive

To protect yourself from being taken advantage of, make sure you have any necessary paperwork on hand before their arrival so everything will go smoothly and efficiently. 

This includes your insurance information, registration, and proof of your car's make and model. This will also let the service provider know exactly what they are dealing with when replacing your windshield or other damages.

Avoid "fly-by-night" companies.

When in doubt, avoid any company with no website, phone number, or physical address listed. These companies are often only interested in taking your money and disappearing in hopes that you won't find them to take legal action if the job is not done correctly.

Compare prices with others when possible

If two or three companies in your area have similar prices, consider calling each company to compare their service quality, time to complete the job, and customer service. 

By doing this, you should see if one price is excessive or if there might be a legitimate reason for it being higher than the others.

Check out their workmanship carefully

When they have finished replacing your windshield, take time to scrutinize it before allowing them to drive away. 

Ensure there are no gouges or dents in the glass, as this is a sign of shoddy workmanship and can lead to further damage or leaks if not properly repaired.

Ask the company for a list of references or testimonials

You may also want to ask the company for a list of references or testimonials so you can call their previous customers and get their own opinions on the quality of the work. 

Just remember that some companies have provided fabricated information to impress potential clients into hiring them. 

Unfortunately, this is often done by smaller companies that cannot attract enough business on their own merits.

Look at their website to see what they offer and if you can get a quote online

You can also get an idea of what to expect by looking at the company's website. If they have a website, you should see precisely what auto glass repair services they offer and how much they will cost. 

You may even be able to "chat" online or submit your vehicle information for a free quote without having to call them. 

If they have this option, it is an indication that they are professional enough to have a website and have invested the money into their business.

Ask about warranties, guarantees, and qualifications

The best way to ensure a long-lasting service is a guarantee and a warranty. After all, it's your car, and you want to make sure that you're not going to have any issues with the windshield replacement for several months at least. 

Besides that, additional workmanship guarantees or warranties can protect customers from damages or injuries caused by shoddy auto glass replacements.

Find out how long it will take to have your car fixed

It is essential to find out how long it will take to have your windshield replaced. If they provide free mobile service, this should not be a problem since you do not have to stay at the shop or wait for them to come and fix it. 

However, if you must leave the car with them and pick it up, later on, you want to ensure that they will have it done promptly without any delays.

Determine the location 

Some companies may also charge extra if you do not leave your car with them. If this is the case, you might want to find out if they are located close enough for you to drop off or pick up your car without having to pay any additional fees. 

Most reputable auto glass repair services will provide mobile service that comes directly to your location. This makes it easier for customers to have their cars fixed without driving them to the shop and back.

If you want to find an honest, reliable company that will do excellent work at a fair price, please contact us. We are the best in our field, and we take great pride in what we do. 

Surge AutoGlass
 is a company that offers auto glass replacement services for all types of Canadian-made cars, including Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, or Chrysler. We use only OEM windshields when replacing your damaged unit.

We guarantee every project will be done professionally and quickly with a full warranty for your car windows' replacement. We can come to you at any location in St Catharines, Ontario, and will give you a free price quote for the repair service before we begin work on your vehicle.

For more information about our services or a free price quote, call us at 905-688-8282 or send an inquiry on our website.

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