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September 10, 2021

How to Deal with a Broken Car Window

A broken auto glass is a hassle that requires immediate attention before the problem gets worse. The best way to deal with it is by seeking professional auto glass repair services. If you don't know where to go, call local auto-glass companies like Surge Auto Glass in St Catharines and ask for advice on how they can help you fix your window.

It's also important to get insurance information you might need to cover the cost of auto glass repair.


Make sure the auto glass is not broken in a way that makes it dangerous. If auto glass breaks, it usually cracks with pressure and doesn't completely shatter like a drinking glass. Make sure any cracks do not turn into shards of auto glass by tapping on them or lightly rubbing your finger over it. Rubbing auto glass may cause the sharp edges to turn into auto glass shards.

Using tape to secure remaining broken auto glass

Cover any auto glass that is broken with clear tape or painters tape to prevent further damage to the auto glass and passengers in the vehicle. This will also make it easier to clean up broken auto glass fragments later on. Be sure to press down around all sides of the auto glass to make sure it doesn't move.

Cleaning up broken auto glass fragments

Auto glass can cut like a knife, so using gloves is recommended when cleaning up the auto glass pieces. Place all of the auto glass pieces in an old coffee can or plastic bucket with water inside of it for easy clean-up and disposal.

Using a plastic cover as a Temporary Remedy for the hole

The auto glass should be covered until it can be repaired by an auto glass professional. It is not recommended that the hole remain uncovered for more than 24 hours.

Until then, be cautious of wind and speed bumps to avoid further damage to the auto glass fragments that are already broken. Avoid throwing anything at or covering a broken auto glass as this may cause further damage. Take a plastic sheet you can use as a cover for the hole.

Cutting and positioning the Plastic Covering

Cut an area big enough to cover the hole, and tape it over the auto glass. If you are driving in cold weather, remember that auto glass can weaken if exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

Secure the Plastic Covering

Secure the auto glass covering with tape, string, cord or rope. Make sure to secure it tightly enough to prevent the auto glass covering from slipping off if someone bumps against it.

Seal the Plastic Window Covering

If you plan on leaving the auto glass uncovered for a long time, seal it using clear packaging tape. This will keep dirt and water from getting inside of the auto glass compartment.

Secure it as tightly as possible so that insects cannot get in and make sure to cover all of the auto glass so that wind does not catch it and cause further damage.

Add a Layer on the Outside of the Vehicle

Temperatures may be colder than usual, causing auto glass to crack more rapidly. Use a piece of cardboard or plywood with a sheet of plastic over it as a temporary auto glass cover for your vehicle if you plan on venturing out into extreme weather conditions.

Add a Third Layer on the Inside of the car

This is not recommended unless you have to leave your vehicle in extreme weather conditions for a long period of time. If you do, be sure to place an auto window cover on the inside and out or wrap auto glass with fabric such as a shirt, sheet or blanket to prevent auto glass from shattering into tiny pieces.

Auto glass repair options or auto glass replacement

For fixing or replacing auto glass, go to an auto glass specialist for an accurate quote on the price of auto glass replacement . A broken auto glass can be expensive, especially if auto insurance does not cover something like auto glass.

Yes, replacing auto windows can be expensive, and mostly, car insurance only covers auto glass replacement if it is part of an accident claim.

A broken auto glass or window can be dangerous, so make sure to take all precautions when dealing with a broken auto glass or window in a vehicle for safety reasons, including taping auto glass shut or covering auto window openings with auto window covers.

Once broken auto glass is covered, it should be safe enough to remain in place until an auto glass professional like one from Surge Auto Glass can repair or replace it.

For more details, visit Surge Auto Glass at (905) 699-1552 or visit our website at to inquire about their prompt and excellent services.

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