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March 2, 2021

Every problem has its own unique solution, and that’s true when the problem is a damaged windshield. Below are some of the advantages to consider when you need an auto glass repair or replacement.

Advantages of Repairing Car Glass
Faster: Most minor cracks and chips can be fixed in about half an hour.
Total restoration: When done properly, a repaired windshield should totally restore visibility and durability.
Cheaper: Compared to replacement, the cost of an auto glass repair job is relatively low. It’s also worth noting that car insurance companies usually favor repair coverage.

Fixing a crack in a timely manner will help prevent it from spreading. In most cases it makes sense to repair the damage to your auto glass if:
· The damage is small (about the size of a quarter or smaller);
· There are no more than three separate chips or cracks;
· Only the outer layer of glass has been damaged;
· The point of impact of the damage is at least 4 cm from the edge of the windshield;
· The damage is not withing the driver’s line of vision - just above the middle of the steering wheel, in a space approximately 30 cm (12 inches) wide.

Advantages of Replacing Car Glass
Total structural integrity: Repairs can’t be faster without replacements being slower. Windshield replacement usually takes about 3 hours if the type of windshield you need is in stock. Replacing your windshield is also the more expensive option. Remember that the windshield is designed to be part of the structure of your vehicle. When a windshield replacement is done properly, it is the sure and certain way to restore the integrity of the car. If you have extensive damage or cracks that reach all the way to the edge of the frame, a windshield replacement may be the safest option.

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