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June 3, 2021

If you have ever had the misfortune of your auto glass shattering while driving, then you know that it can be a frightening experience. Glass shards fly everywhere and can get in your eyes, in your mouth, all over you — it's not fun! 

However, there are some things that you should do to protect yourself when you have a cracked windshield that will be needing glass repair or replacement. 

 Read on for more information on what to do if your windshield shatters while driving.

Here are the critical steps you must take to ensure that everyone inside your car or even outside is protected and unharmed before you can arrange for auto glass repair or replacement.

Don’t Panic, But Don’t Just Stop Driving!

Before getting auto glass repair, you are left with two options:

A) Pull over on the side of the road and wait for help to arrive.

B) Drive until you can't see out of your car any longer.

Many people choose option B, but in reality, this is a dangerous idea! When driving with a cracked windshield, all sorts of things become obstacles, from bugs to smoke and even raindrops - anything that gets thrown into your path will be an issue. 

Not only does this make it challenging to keep going straight ahead when visibility is low, but it also increases your risk of getting into an accident because your windshield isn't there to protect you from these hazards on the road.

Minor Damage

Let’s talk about a minor chip or crack or fractures on your windshield first. Then, depending on the extent of the damage, it may be OK to drive home or to an auto glass repair shop that's nearby

Your local auto glass shop can tell you if your cracked windshield is repairable or you will need a glass replacement. Here are some things you might want to accomplish before getting your glass repair shop involved.

Wear Gloves and Deal with the Broken Glass

If you have to deal with any broken glass, even small chips and cracks, make sure you wear gloves to avoid cutting yourself. For example, most windshields these days are made with safety glass. As a result, they break into tiny pieces rather than big ones with sharp, jagged edges.

You need to dispose of the auto glass so others may not come in contact with it. Do not throw windshield auto glass with your regular trash.

Time to Pick Up the Pieces – with a Vacuum!

Use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to pick up any tiny pieces of auto glass which may be present. It's essential to make sure you get all of the windshield glass out of the automobile, as even small pieces can harm the upholstery. 

You ought to vacuum the car several times to ensure there aren't any tiny fragments left from cracks and crevices.

After all of the auto glass has been vacuumed and you feel confident that you have not missed any, make sure to dispose of the vacuum bag or dump the canister into a garbage bag for disposal. 

Even better, a plastic container works excellent for broken glass and will help ensure that nobody gets injured once the auto glass is thrown away.

Worst-Case Scenario – Gaping Hole, Shards All Over the Place!

If there is a gaping hole smacked right in the middle of your field of vision, you cannot and should not drive it. You can just imagine bugs and dust flying into your face while you drive with a broken windshield - it will be quite a distraction, thus unsafe, and will require the involvement of an auto glass repair shop.

Roadside Assistance – Arranging for a Tow

Once you have eased your way into safety, say, by the roadside, you can then arrange for the tow truck and have your car transported to a nearby auto glass shop for glass repair or replacement. 

Lucky you if you call roadside service to tow your vehicle if you have this type of coverage!

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Talking about insurance cover,  it would be in your best interest to call your insurance company right away so they can start processing the claim for glass replacement or repair quickly.

Here’s also where you need to decide to file a claim for the damaged windshield glass. Here’s a general rule of thumb. If your windshield replacement costs more than the deductible, it's worth filing a claim.

For example, if you have to pay $400 for repair and your deductible is only $250, then you'll end up paying less because insurance will cover part of that cost!

You also have to weigh the effect of a windshield repair or replacement claim on your insurance premium. So, again, talk to your agent to see where you stand.

Call a Friend or a Family Member

While waiting for your roadside service to take your car to a windshield glass replacement and repair shop, make another call to contact friends or family members who might have the time to help transport you.

Call Your Local Auto Glass Shop - What to Look For

  • Expertise
  • Fast and convenient
  • Conveniently located right in your neighborhood
  • Friendly customer service

It's ideal to schedule a car window repair or replacement as soon as possible following the windshield breaks. To stop the components from getting into your vehicle and make sure you can continue driving safely. 

ALWAYS have a reliable, qualified auto glass shop inspect and correctly replace your windshield — ASAP.

The structural integrity of your car is dependent upon a secure, properly installed windshield. A windshield is a crucial part of your car, and it can be devastating when it shatters. 

Luckily, professional windshield repair can fix chipped and cracked windshields. Once repaired or replaced, it can even prevent cracked windshields in the future. That's the best solution!

With such an emergency, you need to call Surge Auto Glass right away at (905) 699-1552. For all professional auto glass repair or replacement needs, we’d love to fix your windshield! 

Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns about the windshield crack situation of your vehicle. Don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do to make this process easier for you! 

We want to get you back in your vehicle and on the road!

Head over to Surge Auto Glass for more information on how to take care of a shattered windshield!

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