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November 24, 2021

With new vehicles averaging around $30,000 these days, car owners are finding that they cannot afford to run their cars into the ground. They want vehicles that last a long time, drive better, and provide them with an engaging and comfortable experience and safety. 

The good news for those who continue to enjoy driving the older cars they love is that there are quite a few ways to make them last longer.

The eleven methods outlined below will help you maximize the life of your car, mainly if it is used sparingly for short distances. 

If you often go on long road trips with your vehicle, these tips might not be valuable since you naturally expect central components to show signs of wear.

1.  Check All Fluids Regularly

As well as changing your engine oil following the manufacturer's handbook, it's also essential to keep an eye on other fluids in your car like brake fluid, transmission fluid, and antifreeze too. 

There are several reasons for this, including making sure they do not leak out when the vehicle is stationary or when you accelerate at high speeds since this can lead to expensive repairs down the line if things get worse over time.

If you're unsure about how to work these systems, then ask someone who knows or learn it yourself before taking any action at all!

2.  Change Your Oil Regularly

There is no denying that even the best synthetic oils are not immortal, and owners need to monitor their oil changes so that their vehicle does not suffer from excessive dirt build-up in its engine parts. 

A change of at least three thousand miles is recommended before switching to a new supply of oil. 

3.  Keep Your Car Clean

The filthiest engines are the ones that provide drivers with the cheapest performance, so making sure your car's engine is spotless will go a long way to improving its longevity. 

Add this to regular changes of oil and following tip number one mentioned above, and your car should be performing better than ever before in no time at all.

Also, please pay attention to where you park your car since some garages have more issues with dirt than others which could find their way into your engine through open vents. 

4.  Check Your Tires Regularly

Most people don't check their car's tire pressure unless they see one going flat, so being proactive about checking it often and topping it up before it becomes an issue will keep your vehicle performing better for longer. 

This is especially important if you've noticed that your car begins to vibrate at higher speeds, so keeping it well maintained in this regard should pay dividends over time.

5.  Buy a Quality Antifreeze

While this is not particularly important for those who live in warmer climates, it's worth remembering that cooling systems contain antifreeze and that using a poor quality mixture could damage your engine. 

It's also essential to ensure the proper concentration of fluid is used and keep an eye on any leaks since these issues can worsen if water finds its way into parts where oil has already been drained away. 

If this happens, replacing gaskets will be required, so always check beneath your vehicle after filling up with coolant to see how much you've lost before driving off again.

6.  Replace Your Air Filter

Cleaner air will lead to a cleaner combustion, improving fuel economy and reducing wear and tear on the engine's internals over time. In some cases, a dirty filter can cause expensive damage because of this and by causing strain to go onto other components at high speeds. 

Replacing your air filter is not too expensive if you do it yourself or find someone who can do it at a lower cost than your local garage would charge. Finding out how much it costs them to complete the job should give you an idea of how much you'll pay. 

The quote you'll get should include the cost of these items and their labor.

7.  Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced

As the air conditioner ages, problems will occur. It means that having an expert take a look at it every few years is worth doing if you want to keep your car's central components working smoothly together. 

While many drivers will get their vehicle serviced annually once they have reached 100,000km of driving, the best time to make sure everything is in its proper place is when you can see or smell anything wrong with it.

8.  Have Regular Vehicle Inspections Done

If you want to ensure your car is in excellent condition, several professional services can make things easier. 

These include checking your vehicle's brakes, fluids, and other essential parts while also giving it a general service for a set fee that doesn't cost the same as having all the work done at once elsewhere.

9.  Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

No matter how long the warranty period might be on your vehicle, issues will appear with central components sooner or later. 

Still, by making sure they are kept clean and lubricated, they should begin to run smoothly again, much faster than expected.

Sometimes bodywork can prevent parts from doing their job effectively, which can cause the failure of other components leading to a roundabout of problems that cost money and time to fix.

 If you want to avoid these issues, simply making sure your vehicle is as good as new before using it again will improve the chances of this not occurring.

10.  Drive It Less

If you have a daily commute to work, the best method for increasing your car's lifespan is not to drive it as much. 

Taking public transport or even getting a place closer to where you work could make a significant difference in the number of miles your vehicle covers over a set period of time. 

Driving regularly will begin to wear down parts designed with long-term use in mind, which means that replacing them earlier than expected would be necessary if this continues.

11.  Drive With Care

There's no point taking care of your car if you don't drive carefully too, so always make sure you check your mirrors before taking off, avoid harsh braking, and find out just how much fuel your car will take on long journeys with the use of a road atlas or GPS. 

You can also keep average speeds between 50km/h - 70km/h since modern cars are designed for this speed. It also means they're more likely to survive anything that might happen while travelling.

If you're aware of any new issues that need covering or notice something odd about how your vehicle operates, take it to an expert, and they'll be able to come up with a solution before anything gets out of hand.

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