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May 13, 2021

Never ignore rust developing around your windshield. This is more likely to happen if you drive a used vehicle, and it suggests the vehicle had a previous windshield replacement where the glass was not installed correctly.
Corrosion (rust) can only develop when moisture has prolonged contact with the metal vehicle frame. If you have a significant amount of rust around your windshield, the likely reason is some type of sealant leak. This is not only annoying and damaging to your vehicle, but it can also compromise your safety. If the sealant isn’t holding the glass to the frame as it should, the windshield can detach partially without warning.

Let Surge technicians handle your auto glass replacement. Below, Surge Auto Glass explains the steps you should take if you discover rust around your windshield.

The Leak Test
This is the same principle you’ve probably seen to find a leak in your car tire. Simply get your windshield good and soapy, then spray it with water. Get inside your vehicle and check your windshield all around the edges. If you see any bubbles or water droplets, that’s a sure sign of a leak, and therefore a faulty seal that is letting moisture and elements create an environment for rust.

The Listen Test
Drive your vehicle as quietly as possible – no music, A/C or heat. Do you notice any audible wind noise while driving, even when your windows are closed? This is another likely indicator of a faulty windshield seal, and that will usually require an auto glass replacement. Contact us to bring your vehicle in for an expert assessment.

The OTHER Leak Test
Water will always leave telltale signs of its presence, so you should be able to spot evidence of a leak even if you haven’t soaped up your windshield. Check your dashboard for any mineral deposits or signs of white residue, which are indicators of evaporated water.

Be sure to also check your vehicle’s interior for any signs of rust development. Sniff your upholstered surfaces as well as along the bottom of your door panels. If water has made its way inside your vehicle, you will notice a musty smell and possibly mildew. Replacing the windshield will prevent further water damage, but you should also visit an upholstery professional to repair any interior damage and fight back against mold or mildew.

The Sight Test
You might not hear an air leak or see water droplets when you test for leaks, but there are other ways to track and stop rust around your windshield. Examine the windshield seal for signs of deterioration. You will be looking for red spots around the edge of the windshield. These are a sign of rust formation within the groove of the frame. Check along trim lines for signs of dry rot as well.

Schedule A Windshield Replacement
Last, but definitely not least, bring your vehicle to a reputable auto glass repair shop for a windshield replacement as soon as you possibly can. Rust around your windshield is dangerous as it may create a potentially deadly safety issue.

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