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June 29, 2021

Getting locked out of your car is never a good feeling. That sinking panic sets in when you realize that not only are your keys on the other side of the door, but you don't know where to find help! As terrible as it feels, there's no need to worry. 

You won't be stuck out in the cold for long, thanks to these helpful tips and tricks guaranteed to get you back into your vehicle.

Here are your 6 options to deal with it.

Call Your Roadside Service

Got Triple-A or another roadside service provider? They will send out someone who specializes in unlocking car doors.

If you cannot get the door unlocked, this might be an option for you! It's often available 24/7, so it won't matter what time of day it is when you need help.

Call a Locksmith

Locate a locksmith with experience in vehicle unlocking; some have special equipment or a collection of modifiable car keys, which means it will be much faster than if they had to make your key from a piece of metal on-site! 

Also, be sure that the locksmith is well-trained and can use the right tools.

A locksmith will charge a fee for their services, but it's worth considering if you're desperate or stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

Call a tow truck

This option seems like it would take forever, but at least you won't have any auto repair costs once this is over with.

All the better if your insurance company offers roadside assistance services. Just make sure to call them first before calling anyone else for help or arranging an expensive tow truck service.

We've got a couple more helpful options for dire situations below!

Call for Help

If there are other people around, ask them to call 911 to come and help you out. They will mainly give you prompt attention if you happen to have a child or pet inside the car.

Break a Window

If there is no other option and you can't find a way to unlock the door, smashing in the window is another option! This is an emergency, so don't worry too much about hurting your car.

Ensure that you have tools on hand before doing this because it's not as easy as it seems to break glass with just your hands.

But wait, which window should you break?

Breaking a car window is dangerous and expensive to repair. Therefore, it should only be done in critical situations, such as if a child or a pet is trapped in a hot car. 

car window glass is tempered, which means that it's almost as strong as the windshield. If you believe that breaking the window is necessary to protect a pet or a child, use the following advice. 

One of the two back windows will be the easiest to break because these windows are smaller and have a thinner layer of tempered glass. They also don't need as much force, so you should break them without using something sharp or heavy.

What t you can use is something hard and flat on hand so that when you break through the window, there won't be any sharp edges left. A hammer or large rock will work well here.

Use your arm for leverage, then hit the corner of the window with enough force. This may take a couple of tries, but it should keep everyone safe from injury!

Make a Routine Where You Place Your Keys

So, this tip might come after you’ve locked yourself out and followed one of the tips above to get you out of your situation.

When it comes down to it, the best thing that you can do to prevent having to break a window is to not lock yourself out — easily avoidable by making a routine with your keys, so you get locked out less or not at all!

If you had employed tip #5 and had to break your window, don’t despair as we also covered what to do next in that scenario:

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